Chaos of the Senses  

2015 - Approaching the festivals, contact us

  • Genre : Dramedy
  • Website :
  • Cast : Milan Dziak, Natália Vaňová, Milena Kiripolská, Josef Herčík, Júlia Ondrušová, Adam Bělohradský, Michael Grafnetter, Tomáš Hric, Klaudia Šimková, Martin Martinkovič
  • Directed by : Peter Leibitzer
  • Director of Photography : Cary Hubbs
  • Screenplay : Peter Leibitzer, Milan Dziak
  • VFX Artist : Celso Destefano
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Short comedy-drama film about obsession, and the unconventional behavior of someone you may know.

What will happen when all your senses go insane? Who is normal, what is right, who is deciding about it? Chaos of the Senses is a story about Karol, a victim of his five senses. His life is about hardships and pleasure, which are hidden from the world, because he is afraid of condemnation. Therefore, he leaves his home village to find peace in the bustle of the city life. Karol decides to reveal his secret in the documentary series, which focus on people with various specific abnormalities. He does not know though, that this decision can shift his life to an unexpected direction.

There are people with various abnormal characteristics and maladies in the world. The vast majority of these characteristics or so-called “anomalies“ are already documented and well known, however, some of them are out of the order to such an extent, that people rather remain silent about it. A documentary from a cycle The Chaos of the Senses centers attention on a person which suffers from one of these abnormalities. This person is going to reveal his secret right in front of the camera. The document which is going to test your social tolerance!