Chaos of the Senses  

In postproduction

  • Genre : Dramedy
  • Website :
  • Cast : Milan Dziak, Natália Vaňová, Milena Kiripolská, Josef Herčík, Júlia Ondrušová, Adam Bělohradský, Michael Grafnetter, Tomáš Hric, Klaudia Šimková, Martin Martinkovič
  • Directed by : Peter Leibitzer
  • Director of Photography : Cary Hubbs
  • Screenplay : Peter Leibitzer, Milan Dziak
  • VFX Artist : Celso Destefano


Short film about obsession, and the unconventional behavior of someone you may know.

"Chaos of the Senses" is the story of Karol, victim of his own five senses. Karol is obsessed with suffering and pleasure, but he hides it from world for fear of condemnation. He decided to go public with it by telling his story in the documentary series that focuses on people who are struggling with different abnormalities. Unknown to him, his decision moves his life in an unexpected direction.

Many times we asked ourselves (and we believe you too), what is definition of right and wrong. Where are the borders. And does someone, who is acting in a way we are not used to, have a chance to be accepted by ordinary people? But, what is ordinary...? We decided to tell this story, in dramatic and somewhat comedic way, too.